About Chips' Truck

It’s a Pancake Party!

Book Lil’ Chip and start planning your party. It can be as easy as choosing one of our fun party packages or you can call us to create a party as unique as you. Once that’s all set, sit back and wait for the party to arrive.

Our focus is to provide a deliciously sweet pancake party experience for you and your guests. We prep and load the truck with all the machinery and fun things we need to flip those pancakes. The ooey-gooey batter and all the fix-ins too. You don’t even have to worry about grabbing the paper goods… we couldn’t serve you without them so we’ve got it covered. You’ll even have two smiling Pancake Party People ready to make your party memorable.

As the host you provide the place, the shelter, the seating and furnishings you wish make your guests comfortable.

Lil’ Chip arrives approximately 45 minutes before the start of your party, sets up and becomes your own personal pancake restaurant on the spot! One Pancake Party Person will man the grill, freshly preparing pancakes while a second will focus on catering to your guests and providing the friendly, family-oriented service we are famous for.

Your job? Have fun and enjoy the pancakes!

At the end, we clean up, pack up and hit the road, leaving you and your guests with full bellies and memorable moments.